Steel mill furnace propane injection


Concept and  detailed studies for upgrading of steel mill furnace installations in order to have an alternative source of energy composed of vapor mix of PROPANE & AIR ( Synthetic Natural Gas -SNG) in substitution of natural gas (NG).


  • Period : 2023
  • Situation : Chatelet, Belgium
  • Customer : Aperam


The contract included a feasibility study with several options and the full detailed design of the selected solution with SNG. Detailed design was composed of all process, piping, civil, mechanical, instrumentation and electrical drawings and specifications.


The installation will have a separate propane/SNG production network with two injection points to existing NG network supplying gas to furnaces. In order to keep the same burners, SNG need to have same WOBBE index (calorific capacity) that NG. An extension of fire-fighting network and air supply network have been also planned.

The propane/SNG network is mainly composed of:

  • Two propane storage tanks (2 mounded horizontal cylindrical tanks of 175m³ each);
  • A truck unloading bay;
  • A pump house (2 pumps and 1 compressor);
  • SNG production facilities (mixing air and propane)
  • 2 SNG injection points into the natural gas network
  • Instrumentation for process tanks and network with transmission to supervision system ensuring an appropriate stock management.